Why Are They Still Awake?

Our dog, Scout, has a visitor, Royce, for the next few days. After hours of playing around in the backyard, they finally fell asleep. I thought they were going to be down for the night, but I was wrong. LOL Royce is Scout’s first visitor so I’m sure they’re just excited about their new friendship. It’s almost 12 am and I have absolutely nothing else to say/write about today. I’m watching an old movie, Made of Honor, and wondering why these girls are still awake. 😀

One last thing. My writing goal is 65,000 words for the month of April. That’s 3095/day, five days/week. I wonder how many words I will handwrite before I start typing. That’s a little quirk of mine. Anyway, that’s all.

Just blogging it out. Happy Tuesday Night!! 😀

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