Go For It!!

I joined a writer’s camp today. Yup, I sure did. I never even heard of a writer’s camp until today. Basically, you set a word count writing goal for the month of April along with other fellow writers of the group. I’m excited because it’s a great way to meet other writers and the goal that I set for myself will be a bit of a challenge. The last time I set a huge goal, the Lord helped me accomplish it even when I started doubting. I didn’t doubt the fact that I would accomplish what I was trying to do. I thought maybe the date I set would have to be pushed back. Thank God I was wrong. 😀

Okay, so who’s with me? What’s your goal? You have to set a deadline because without a date, it’s just a dream or a wish. Have a little convo with Jesus about what He would like you to do, set a goal, and then GO FOR IT!!

Just blogging it out. Happy Monday Night!! 😀

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