Birthdays (July 12th) to me, are always a time of reflection. And since this year is a big one, I thought I’d make a list of things I’d tell my younger twenty-year-old self. Almost thirty years ago (September), I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Well, my Savior, definitely. The Lord part is questionable, if you know what I mean. But that’s a different blog post. Anyway, here’s what I’d tell my twenty-year-old new Christian self.

  1. Lock your hair. Ms. Goldberg got it right. LOL I decided to lock (Microlocs: two-strand twists.) my hair a few months ago. No more detangling, no more blow drying, straightening, twisting, etc. etc. etc. The shampooing process is only 7-10 minutes instead of two days. LOL Free yourself, foo! 🙂 Warning: Your long hair will shrink like crazy, but that’s all part of the locking process.
  2. Your body is perfect just the way it is. You’re not too skinny. FYI, the women who keep commenting on your body are actually insecure about theirs. Stop trying to gain weight. You’ll regret it later. LOL I have ten pounds that I’d love to get rid of, but it just won’t leave. It just won’t!! Seriously though, LOVE YOURSELF!
  3. Yeah, you don’t like meat no matter how much ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, hot sauce you put on it. It’s perfectly normal. It’s gross to you. You’re going to be a vegetarian real soon.
  4. You really don’t want to be a Psychologist. Drop out now, girl!!
  5. Family is important. You will have a great relationship with your siblings one day. I’m living it now. 🙂
  6. You’re a writer and your stories will be seen and read.
  7. You’ll never blend in and that’s fine. You are different.
  8. Your identity is in Christ. That lady you thought was strange who told you to study Ephesians wasn’t strange at all. She’s trying to help you. Knowing who you are in Christ is a game changer. Don’t internalize what others say about you, and don’t say negative things about yourself or others.
  9. Receive God’s love, grace, and mercy so that you can give it to others. The reason you’re so hard on yourself is that you really don’t understand the depths of God’s love for you. Receive it!! You really really need it. Ask God to show you how to love His people. You need His strength.
  10. Surrender to the Lord. All of you! It’s a mindset and a daily activity. There’s true freedom in Christ Jesus!
  11. Spend MORE time with the Lord. The more you know Him, the more you’ll recognize His voice. Admit everything and let Him heal you. Admitting you’re hurt isn’t a sign of weakness.
  12. Be led by the Holy Spirit. Most of the time, He’ll tell you to be quiet. 🙂
  13. Set healthy boundaries. The people who are supposed to be in your life will accept them.
  14. Be who God says you are. He’s the one who created you, so believe what He says!
  15. You’re right about Antoine. He’s a keeper. 🙂

What would you tell your younger self?

There’s so much more I could tell my twenty-year-old self. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned over the years and looking forward to learning more. I think one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned and put into practice is #10. There’s true freedom in Christ Jesus if we surrender all to Him. I would take the time to include Bible verses, but since I mentioned Ephesians, I thought I’d elaborate on the lady who I thought was strange. Here goes!

So yeah, I met this lady who firmly told me that I needed to study Ephesians. Her response to my weak, “Okay,” was an intense, “I’m serious. You need to study Ephesians.” Um, that lady didn’t know me from Eve. LOL See what I did there? 🙂 I took her suggestion about a quarter serious. I did attempt to study what she strongly suggested, but it didn’t last long at all. Over the years, I’ve read/studied Ephesians; however, in 2017, the Holy Spirit reminded me of that conversation I had with that lady. Some people have life verses. I have a life book–Ephesians. LOL It took decades for me to finally understand that encounter with that lady. Better late than never.

Anyway, I’m so grateful to God for allowing me to still be here. I’m a blessed woman indeed! Is my life perfect? Nope, and He never promised us a life of perfection. I know that no matter what happens, God is in control, and I know Romans 8:28 is the absolute truth like the rest of the Bible.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say. My prayer is that you will receive all that God has for you and that you trust Him completely. He knows exactly what we need.

I’m not exempt, I’m just . . .

Blogging It Out!