But Still, We Love

I’ve struggled to blog all year. In fact, this is my first blog post for 2017. Saying that I’ve been busy is an understatement. I have a couple of stories that are due to release soon, and I just started production on my next play. I am also preparing to go to Thailand on a mission trip. See what I mean? Busy! I’ve experienced many ‘what the heck’ moments during the last 45 days of this year, which is why I’m pushing myself to post.
Today is the day of love, at least in this country. (I’m not sure where else.)
Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂
While I understand the celebratory meaning of this day, I can’t say I’m a real participant. Honestly, my husband, Antoine, and I didn’t even acknowledge the day before he left for work this morning. I don’t think we ever have. It’s not because we don’t love each other. If you know us personally, you know that’s not the case. It’s never been our thing.
I didn’t remember it was Valentine’s Day until I signed onto Facebook. Funny. The lady at the store grimaced at my answer after looking at my wedding ring and asking what my husband and I were doing to celebrate. My answer was nothing. Of course, she had a few choice words for my husband for not buying me anything. I just smiled and said, “my husband is a great guy.” I mean, I didn’t see any reason to hold up the line trying to explain the idiomatic expression “to each its own.” LOL
I haven’t been into stuffed toys since I was a child. Jewelry is nice, but I’d rather save that money or put it toward a cruise or a worthy cause. Flowers are prettier when planted in the ground. I’m desperately trying to maintain my single digit size, so a box of chocolates, cake or any other sweet treats are out of the question. LOL
I know my nontraditional way of thinking is not the norm. My explanation, not that I need to give one, is, I’m just not that girl. 🙂 That’s not to say I’m against the tradition. If you’re into it, go for it.
I mentioned earlier that I’d experienced some ‘what the heck’ moments this year. There’s not a stuffed toy, jewelry, flower, candy, or cake that could’ve helped me get through those moments. However, the genuine love, prayer, support, and encouraging words from my husband did.
So, we didn’t remember to say happy valentine’s day to each other, but we did remember to pray together, encourage each other, and pray for each other throughout the day as we do every day. We have been told we don’t fit the mold and that our relationship is strange. Ha! I’ll take us any day and twice on Sunday.
If you’re like that lady in the store who all but cursed my husband for not showering me with gifts today, know that there are a few people who are just not that into it. But Still, We Love!
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Celebrate the way you see fit. I’m just . . .
Blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Tuesday!