O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. (Psalm 34:8)

Happy New Year! One week down and 51 weeks to go. In case you’re wondering, there are 325 days until Thanksgiving and 351 days until Christmas. 🙂 I hope you’ve had a blessed first week of 2018.

Well, I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, and my goals are pretty much the same. However, shortly after I woke up last Monday, the 1st, I had an incredible urge to clear our house of everything we’re not using, a task that would take about a week to complete. Literally! LOL It felt good, though. I found old pictures, awards, souvenirs, and old letters/cards. I also found journals from years ago. Now, that’s entertainment. Ha! My primary goal was to donate the new and slightly used items and throw the rest away. The featured picture is what’s going into the trash. Of course, we kept everything we love.

Although we’re not super-hoarders, we were slowing becoming prisoners of the “we may need it later” statement, especially since we have a lot of space. Know what I mean? You keep something just in case you or someone else may need it later. Yeah, I thought about sifting through that stuff plenty of times, but the idea of doing it was overwhelming. That is until last Monday. I ran across an interesting quote by author, Francine Jay:

“Your house is living space, not storage space.”

True!! It feels good to have the extra space again. And I no longer have to tell guests not to open the closet. LOL


Seriously, decluttering was liberating and even a bit therapeutic. If you’ve noticed your closets are filling up with stuff you may need later, consider donating or just throwing it away. Of course, decluttering isn’t limited to things. We should all ask the Lord to help us declutter our lives. We can do it at any time, but since it’s a new year, there’s no better time like the present. Right? Antoine and I got rid of a lot, but we know the Lord is in control, and we’re trusting Him, completely.

That’s about it for my first blog post of 2018. I pray we’ll all draw closer to God, seek His face in everything we do, live purposefully, and Live a Big Day Every day!

I’m not exempt. I’m just . . .

Blogging it out!! Oh, and Happy 2nd week of 2018!!

Continue to pray for the world.