Two Dogs & A Funeral

two dogs and a funeral

It’s a chilly night here in Southern California. It even rained a little bit earlier this evening, but that didn’t stop Scout and her guest, Royce, from playing. They ran around the backyard pouncing on each other and tossing toys back and forth like athletes. Little did I know, Yoda and Mr. Chicken were headed for toy heaven. I didn’t see it coming. One minute Yoda was lying on the ground and the next he was missing one eye and the squeaky thingy was torn out of his head. I said the first thing that came to mind, “Yoda, why didn’t you use the Force?” His eye blinked slowly as he wheezed struggling to say his last words.  “A chance, hmmm even with the force I did not have. The dark side is strong in them I sense.” And then he was gone.

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any worse, I saw a headless Mr. Chicken. NOOOOOOO!!! There was only one thing left to do after the funeral of our toy friends. Scoop their poop. 😀 LOL

Silly, I know, but I’ve had such a good time with my two furry friends that they’re the only things on my mind tonight.

Just blogging it out. Happy Wednesday Night!! 😀


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