Finally, a break from the summer heat. No need to run the air conditioner tonight. 😀 Well, it’s the last Friday of the month. Can you believe it? 120 days until Christmas!


I will end this blog week with a little encouragement. Most of the people in our lives mean well even when they’re a bit discouraging. LOL And most of the time they don’t understand our vision. When we take risks, they are more nervous than we are because they don’t want us to fail. Especially those who never take risks. They see things from their perspective, they wouldn’t dare do it, so neither should we.

So, perhaps we shouldn’t broadcast our plans. Now, I’m not saying we should start being overly secretive.

secret squirrelLOL

I’m saying we should be mindful of what we say and to whom we say it. As a matter of fact, we should think about whether it’s necessary for us to say anything at all. Sometimes we get so excited about what God has shown us that we feel we have to tell someone. We totally get it, so everyone else will, right? WRONG! It’s not for everyone to understand and they probably won’t be as excited as we are either. LOL We should ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in everything we do, including discussing our visions and plans. If God said we can do it, we can. No idle chit chat needed. Just do it! 😀

Just blogging it out . . .Oh, and Happy Friday Night!

Don’t forget to pray for the world.



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