Work to Do

Miss Mitchell was my forth grade teacher and one of my favorites. I’ve never been a great student, having difficulty with math in particular. I thought she was the best teacher I ever had UNTIL she expected me to solve the math problems by myself. We worked so well together. I couldn’t understand why she wanted me to work on my own. And besides that, she started helping other students too. LOL She was no longer one of my favorite teachers. In fact, I stopped paying attention in class. When I got my report card, my mother asked why I was doing so poorly in class. Guess what I said. “Because Miss Mitchell stopped helping me.” LOL

It’s funny how I thought Miss Mitchell was the best while she was helping me. But as soon as she  encouraged me to use the skills she knew I had, I became resentful. It was so much easier when she helped me. How dare she!?! LOL She did her best, but I didn’t. Of course Miss Mitchell told my mother everything that happened during the parent-teacher conference. Needless to say, my mother gave me the whole ‘no one owes you anything’ and ‘you’re responsible for yourself’ speech. She probably popped me a few times too. LOL

We all have a God-given purpose to fulfill. It’s our responsibility to seek the Lord to find out what it is. We can’t waste the help that God sends our way. And we certainly shouldn’t get mad when the help is no longer available. Here’s the deal. . .


Seek the Holy Spirit for guidance. You have work to do. I’m not exempt. I’m . . .

Just blogging it out . . . OH and Happy Thursday Night! 😀

Keep praying for our country . . . the world.





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