Oh Yeah, Father’s Day

You know, I never really celebrated Father’s Day. In fact, if it weren’t for people saying happy Father’s Day to the men at church (Since it falls on a Sunday every year.) I would probably forget all about it.  That may seem a bit insensitive at first, but give me a minute to explain. 😀

I spent most of my life without a father. I have some good memories of him like his delicious Sunday morning pancakes or those peanut brittle candy bar thingamajigs he used to bring home from the city. (That’s Chicago. LOL) Oh, and he used to love roasting peanuts. LOL Man, did he love peanuts. 😀  Unfortunately, most of my memories are not so good.  I’m sure he did his very best, but he was mentally ill.  He committed suicide when I was seven years old. I promise this isn’t a sad post. The Lord blessed our family to move on with what we had, a strong woman who raised four children.

What’s my point?  I wrote a little about my father to let you in on a little secret about Book 1 of my AUTUMN MOON series which will be available in October. 😉 PLUG!

Pastor Knight is the father of the protagonist, Qiuxia (choo sha) Knight. He’s a long way from being perfect, but overall he’s great.  As I was creating that character, I thought about the person my father would’ve been had he not suffered from a mental illness. Pastor Knight is my father . . . sort of.  LOL  He’s a strong, protective man who values family above everything except God. No one would ever suspect the emotional pain he’s hiding.

“I’m a pastor and people don’t expect me to be sad, angry, unforgiving, or have a desire to kill.” 

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Thursday Night!! 😀

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