It’s that time again . . . GOAL SETTING TIME! 😀  I’ve decided on a few . . .3 to be exact.  Since June is almost over and there are only 192 days until Christmas, I figured now is a great time to challenge myself again. Here are my goals:

The first one is a short term goal I started on Monday. I will be going to hot yoga/Bikram at least five days a week for a month. A little history:  I used to go to hot yoga on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I experienced an injury (not from yoga) that caused me to have to take a break. Also the studio is very far from my house.  In other words . . . TRAFFIC! LOL  Now that I’m all better and there’s a closer studio, it’s back to my favorite workout.

The second one is to complete book 3 of the AUTUMN MOON series by the end of July.  I signed up for another writer’s camp. It’s starts on July 1st. I’m working on book 2 which will be complete by the end of this month.

The last one is a year long challenge. One that will push me harder than the first two combined. I will not buy any clothes, shoes, or other accessories for a year starting on July 13th. Why July 13th?  Because that’s one day after my birthday. 😀 Enough said. LOL


Just blogging it out . . .Oh and Happy Wednesday Night!! 😀

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