Miracles Do Happen

Throughout my life I’ve prayed for a BUNCH of miracles. Even before I had a relationship with the Lord or cared about having one. Usually these requests would be made when I was down in the dumps about something. Like during the time when creditors would call threatening to confiscate my belongings after I had charged up my three credit cards to the max. Creditors were ruthless back then and could say pretty much anything they wanted to you. I remember one lady left a message telling me that my debt would never go away until I paid them in full. She also told me to consider selling my answering machine. LOL I prayed to win the lottery even though I only owed $950. Now that’s funny! Now where was I? Oh yeah. I would also pray to be taller or for the scar on my left cheek to go away. When I was really young, I asked for an afro like Christie Love. I didn’t realize I already had one. Which is leading to my point. By the way, I have excellent credit now and I am very financially responsible; I wear heels to be taller; 😀 and I’m growing back my afro. Christie Love still ROCKS! 😀

What are miracles? Merriam-Webster defines a miracle as an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God. For me, my entire life is a miracle. Yeah, philosophers and theologians wouldn’t agree because they wouldn’t see anything extraordinary about my life. Everything that I’ve accomplished is possible for anyone to do as long as you put your mind to it. What if you didn’t even know you could put your mind to such things. What if your life is headed in the opposite direction? I’m not one of those people that had a rough life. I’m not. In fact, most people would say I had it pretty easy. But if you’re not on the path that God designed for you, easy is definitely not good.

Miracles happen when we focus on the Lord and what He has planned for us. He has miracles that are already in place for us. Miracles happen when we are finally tired of doing things our way. God’s plan will give you new ideas that you’ve never EVER thought could or would happen. Alright, that’s all for now. We’re still enjoying the great outdoors. Take some time to think about your miracles. As for mine, I’m  . . .

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and HAPPY WEDNESDAY NIGHT!! 😀

Black History Facts: http://www.blackfacts.com/

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