Coming Soon

Hey! The first book in my novel series, Discretion of the Heart, will be released on March 25th. YAY! I’m really excited about this one. I started writing this story in 2012. Yikes, ten years ago! You can pre-order your Kindle copy at for $7.99. I’ll pop in with more info soon. Check out the blurb below.

At age fourteen, Qiuxia Knight is sure of a few things besides the fact that God is real. She is socially awkward, skinny, and born to dance. Since she could do nothing about the first two, she was determined to reach prima status.

The decision to walk to a bus stop alone on the night of a big audition changed Qiuxia Knight’s life forever. One minute she was on a path to becoming a prima ballerina, and the next, she was a victim of an inconceivable crime. How does a fourteen-year-old pick up the pieces of her broken life?

Discretion of the Heart is a coming-of-age tale about life’s unexpected challenges. And when the unexpected includes the unimaginable, faith and family are the only solutions.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. I am so excited to see this book come to fruition. You are such an awesome writer. Your stories are so captivating, as well as, realistic. May God continue to use you in such a special way.

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    1. Thank you, Kim!! You’ll never know how much your support really means to me. There are no words. May God bless you and your family beyond your imagination. In Jesus’s name. Amen!!

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