Happy 18th Anniversary to US!!

Eighteen years ago, we started our marriage in love, broke (financially), bad credit (In my Charles Barkley voice “Turrible, just turrible.” LOL), determined, and with a whole lot of faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Over the years, we worked hard, and the Lord blessed us to gain financial stability (Meaning we work. LOL) and to have excellent credit, but that’s not the most magnificent part of our journey.

In a world full of hate, anger, and misery, God gives us the ability (if we choose) to have joy (if we focus on Him). I heard someone define joy as a pervasive sense of well-being. That means, despite the darkness that has entrenched the world, our faith in our Lord has given us unspeakable joy throughout our marriage. This is the most magnificent part of our journey!! I’m so grateful He has blessed me with someone who is like-minded; determined to please the Lord in our marriage and in everything we do no matter the circumstances.

HAPPY 18th ANNIVERSARY, ANTOINE!! God really knew what He was doing when He put us together. I love every bit of our flawsomeness (flaws + awesomeness)!! I look forward to continued growth in the Lord with you and pray we are blessed with many years together. You already know, I will FOEVA (forever) have your back, front, sides, top, and bottom. I love you to death!! (Meaning, until the day I die, which is 100% correct!!)

Just blogging it out!!

P.S. Please continue to pray for the world.

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