Let No Man . . .

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Mark 10:9)

My goodness!! It’s already the middle of September. Yikes!! Only 103 days until Christmas.

Now onto the topic-I have marriage on the brain. By the way, I love this picture of us because Antoine is really cracking up. I think he may have cut the cheese. LOL

I’m sure billions of people have quoted or have heard the above scripture quoted at weddings, etc. I’m not sure if the billions know who said it, but it is a well known Bible verse even outside of Christianity. It’s part of Jesus’ reply when the Pharisees asked Him if a man should be allowed to divorce his wife. Don’t worry, this blog post isn’t about divorce. LOL

If you know my husband and me personally or on social media, you know we are about as close as they come. We were close before we were married, so the natural progression is to grow even closer as we get older, right? I mean, after sharing the three B’s, bed (for sleeping and the sex 🙂 ), bathroom, and bank account, your spouse should definitely be the closest person to you. Once you say “I do,” life is easy peasy. NOT!! LOL

It amazes me when people question and comment on the authenticity of a relationship because the partnership seems “too happy” and “too close.” It’s actually sad if you think about it. Since God ordained marriage, why is it so surprising when a husband and wife thrive beyond the title, compensate for each other’s faults instead of criticizing, or prefer each other’s company above all others? Think about it, especially if you’re one of those people who doubt the possibility. Okay, if one of them or both are sporting black eyes and handprints around the neck, I can see why there would be some suspicion. But if a couple loves the Lord and puts Him first in their marriage, that closeness is an easier choice than you think. Does that mean they are pretending their marriage is perfect? Hecky naw! (Chicago term for heck no. LOL) It means, in spite of their imperfections, they choose to continue to grow closer for as long as they both shall live. 🙂

red flag***Side note: I am NOT excusing chronic sinful behavior. Don’t ever let anyone abuse you in any way including adultery. Use wisdom and please seek counseling.***

I heard someone say, “If I had invited God into my first marriage, there wouldn’t have been a second.” Deep, huh? If you invite God and give Him permanent residence (foundation and all up in it), a solid and happy marriage is definitely an easier choice to make.

Marriage is a beautiful and powerful union. Let no man . . .

I’m not exempt. I’m just . . .

Blogging It Out. Oh, and Happy Wednesday!!

Please continue to pray for the recent hurricane and earthquake victims AND the whole world. We all need Him!!



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