And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. (Galatians 6:9)

I love telling funny stories about my relatives on their birthday. It’s a great way to reminisce about the fun times we’ve had over the years. Before I get into the jollification (LOL), here’s something I’ve never told anyone before . . .

The first time I saw Brittney was on printed photos my sister (her mother) sent from Gaeta, Italy. She was born in the late 80’s so we didn’t have smartphones, the internet, or even a digital camera. LOL I thought she was a cutie patootie and I couldn’t wait to see her in person.

I finally met Brittney in person six months later. Let me tell you, I thought she was the most beautiful little baby girl I had ever seen in my life. Here’s the part that I’ve never told anyone before:  My world at the time was very dim. I was very young and had no idea where my life was headed. I hadn’t received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, so all I knew was my reality. My life wasn’t horrible, but I was just existing. You know what I mean? Humdrum. Brittney brought joy into my life. 😀 A brighter side.

Here’s the funny . . . She was the cutest rollipoliest, deep voice having, all I wanna to do is draw, play by myself, pink wearing, take me to Baskin Robbins so I can get vanilla ice cream with sprinkles (but you can get that at home LOL),Veggie Tales and Jungle Jam and Friends listening, ham eating, bacon loving, Sims City Life building girl I’ve ever known. 😀

I hope you enjoyed your birthday, Brittney. I pray the Lord will bless you beyond your imagination. You already know, God has a specific purpose for your life. Focus on Him for guidance and don’t grow weary in well doing!! Keep moving forward. Love you!! 😀

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and please join me in wishing my niece a happy birthday!! 😀 (12/10)

Keep praying!!




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