Yeah, But At Least I’m Doing It


I got inspiration and encouragement from the strangest place today. Have you ever seen “The One with the Fake Monica” Friends episode? It’s the one where Monica changes her name to Monona and claims to be Amish because she befriends a woman who has stolen her identity. Together, they try all sorts of things that Monica . . . I mean Monona would never have tried on her own. At the end of the episode, Monica/Monona decides to go back to the tap dancing class where she met the fake Monica. It’s only her second class, so she hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet. The instructor says, “You in the back, you’re getting it all wrong.” Monica says, “Yeah, but at least I’m doing it.”

gif monica tap dancing.gif

I was running errands today when that episode popped into my mind. I just signed up for something I’ve never done before. I’m in a group with people who have been doing it for years. I’m feeling a bit like Monica/Monona in the above gif. 😀 I will probably start off doing it all wrong, but at least I’m doing it. LOL I’m going to pedal slowly and enjoy the ride.

Are you afraid to try something new because of what people may think or you believe you’re not good enough? First of all, who cares what people think! LOL Second, don’t let fear hold you back. It’s just another attempt of the enemy to stunt your growth. And third, “Your blessing is in the place that you fear.” ~Deborah Smith Pegues. I’m not exempt. I’m . . .

Just blogging it out . . . Oh, and Happy Wednesday Night!! 😀

Pray for our country!

Pic by Unsplash-Pixabay

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