Just Blogging It Out

TGIF!! Antoine, Scout, and I are enjoying a peaceful night.

Here’s my story:  I’ll never forget the night my sister called me to tell me my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She unfortunately died a little over a year after she was  diagnosed. That was the worst part of my life and I’m sure it was hers as well. After she passed away, I experienced the peace the Bible describes in Philippians 4:7. Some people didn’t understand and felt I was hiding my feelings because I didn’t grieve the way they expected. They didn’t realize how much I cried as I begged the Lord to heal her from the time she was diagnosed until she took her last breath.

I know this is strange to type, but I always thought she would die unexpectedly, in her sleep from a stroke or a heart attack or something. I never thought she would be diagnosed with cancer or suffer. I wrote my first book, A Love Uncommon, as a coping mechanism. You know what? Her passing gave me the courage to publish the book. I love the story, but I’m definitely a better writer now. LOL Who knows, I may revisit that story one day. 😀

Well, today is my mother’s birthday. She never made a big deal out of her birthday, but my siblings and I threw her a surprise birthday party in 2008. If I remember correctly, she liked yellow cake with strawberries in the middle with whipped cream on top or the Atomic cake. We didn’t have the same taste in cakes. 😀

She didn’t get a chance to read A Love Uncommon. Some people believe the dead watches over the living, or that loved ones become guardian angels. I guess believing that helps them cope with their loss. I don’t believe either one. I do believe we will see each other again because she had a personal relationship with Jesus. That’s all a part of the peace I described earlier. I do believe if she were still alive, she would be proud of the person I am today. 😀

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Friday Night! 😀

Keep praying for our country!!

a love uncommon


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