Home or Hindered?

Life is full of scary moments that are completely harmless. When I was child living in the Midwest, thunder used to scare me so much I would lie under my blanket practically suffocating. The thunder that started with the crackling sound like the earth was being ripped apart would send me under my bed. LOL No matter how many times my mother told me thunder was harmless, I was still afraid of it.

Today, a big bugasaurus flew into my car while I was driving. Okay, it was a big o blue beetle. It freaked me out. I safely pulled over the first chance I got. The idea of it landing on me gave me the creeps which made me consider leaving my car. LOL Technically, the bugasaurus was harmless, but I almost allowed it to hinder me. Instead of leaving my car there, I covered my head with a sweater, then drove home. LOL I was still concerned about the bugasaurus landing on me, but I pressed because I wanted to go home. So what’s my point?

As long as we have breath in our bodies, we will run into situations that may freak us out a little bit. We have to think about what’s important and not let harmless situations hinder us. Keep moving forward no matter what. I know my story is a little silly tonight.

Just blogging it out . . . Oh, and Happy Thursday Night!! 😀

P.S. Pray!!


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