Twin Bond

I’ve always been fascinated by twins mainly because of the mental bond they have. And also the convenience of having two babies with one pregnancy. LOL  The protagonist in my next series, AUTUMN MOON, has a twin brother. I absolutely love their tight bond which includes a lot of bickering.

“Wash your hands, stinky butt.”  This has been an ongoing argument.  Quincy believes as long as he hasn’t been outside or gone to the restroom he doesn’t need to wash his hands. 

His lips curl as he glareds in my direction.  “I washed my hands before I went to bed.”  

“Daddy, Quincy didn’t wash his nasty hands!”

He stands up as if he’d been poked in the butt with a pin.  “I’m going, Pop.  I’m going.”  He purposely bumps me as he walks by.  “Shrek.” 

“Whatever, ugmo!”


Although Qiuxia and Quincy are twins, he’s protective like an older brother.  He believes it is his duty to look out for her.

“. . .that’s what I’m here for, to serve and protect.”

So how does Quincy react when he’s unable to protect Qiuxia? Book 1 of the AUTUMN MOON series will be available this October. Can’t wait for you to read it.

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and Happy Thursday Night!! 😀


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