Tackle What He Gave You

Problems suck, huh? There’s sooooo many of them. World hunger, poverty, discrimination, domestic violence, child abuse, incurable diseases, and the list goes on and on. The good thing is, there are enough people here on Earth to tackle them all. (At least to try.) I believe there are about seven billion peeps on this big blue marble. That’s an old children’s TV show by the way. 😀

We’re constantly reminded of the problems in the world by watching the news, reading, and even being approached by petitioners in front of grocery stores.  Sometimes people can be very “passionate” about their cause, huh?  They kinda make us feel like there’s a special place in Hell for us if we don’t give or sign our names which leads me to my point. LOL

hell meme 2
I changed it a bit. LOL

Have you ever felt a deep urge to help in a certain area, but no one else seems interested?  You can’t imagine why other people aren’t trying to solve the problem.  You may even think other people lack compassion because they aren’t as affected by the situation as you. Familiar?  I think it’s a common experience.  We have to pay more attention to the tug in our hearts rather than the so called lack of compassion of the other peeps.  God gave us different passions and interests. It’s up to us to tackle the ones He gave us. 😀  Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with trying to make others aware of an existing problem.  Just accept the fact that we all have a different path.  Let’s stay focused on Him and the path that He’s put before us.

I’m not exempt. I’m . . .

Just blogging it out. . . OH and Happy Tuesday Night!! 😀

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