Where’s Your Focus?

It’s always a bit shocking when someone doesn’t meet our expectations especially if the person is a leader in the church. In fact, it’s quite disappointing. But we should never get so caught up in the messenger that their shortcomings causes our faith in the Lord to be shaken. Sure, we don’t expect certain behaviors from leaders in the church, but just because we don’t expect it doesn’t mean they don’t struggle, right? The word says, no one is righteous, not even one. (Romans 3:10) We all NEED Jesus in more ways than one. Never put your faith in man. I mean, how many times have we disappointed ourselves? Or maybe it’s just me. LOL 😀 Psalms 118:8 says, It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

Don’t get so caught up in the man or the woman that’s delivering the message that you lose focus of who the message is about. We have to stay focused on God and study the word for our strength. Let’s continue to pray for each other and pray for our leaders. I’m not exempt. I’m . . .

Just blogging it out. And Happy Tuesday Night!!

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