Flaws and All

Wouldn’t it be great if God used people that were flawed? I mean people with really messed up pasts. Like murderers or a terrorist. Or maybe even liars, adulterers,  drunks, or thieves. If God use folks like that, then He can surely use folks like us, right? Right.!  Well, Paul was a bit of a terrorist before his transformation from Saul. And lets not forget about old David. He was a murderer and an adulterer. I will venture and say Peter was drunk; Jacob stole his brother’s birthright . . .THIEF! Oh and Abraham denied his wife twice . . .LIAR! LOL Okay, maybe I’ve gone a little overboard with my conclusion, but you get my drift.

Your past failures will only hinder you if you let them. Through Jesus Christ we have been redeemed. Now I’m not saying that we have a free sin card because we don’t. We can’t live any ole kind of life. You read the bible so you should know. 😀 I’m saying God can and will use us, flaws and all. If God didn’t use imperfect people, nothing would ever get done.

Romans 3:10 saysNo one is righteous—not even one.

Just blogging it out. Oh and Happy Wednesday Night!! 😀

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