Toe Crushing Message

It’s Monday again. Well, only for a few more  minutes actually. 😀 As always, the weekend flew by like paper in the wind. Yup, before I knew it, I was sitting in my usual seat at church listening to the sermon. My toes are still recuperating from being stepped on so much. LOL I’d like for you to experience the same toe crushing message too so I’ve included the link below. Muahahahahaha 😀

Seriously, it was one of the best messages I’ve heard all year. You know, the kind of message that hits you right in the feels, but picks you up at the end. I won’t go into details about the message because I don’t want to spoil it for you. The message may speak to you in a different way, but for me it was a reminder that this walk is not about us. When God elevates us to different levels, it’s to help others even if it is difficult to do so. We need to rely on Christ for strength. We can’t get our breakthrough and then say, “forget you, I’m out.” We cannot turn our backs on people. A lot of times we are so relieved when the storm is over that we just want to run as far away from anything that resembles a struggle even if it’s not ours.

Anyway, as I said above, I don’t want to spoil it for you. I encourage you to listen to the message by clicking on the link below. If you have trouble opening it, go to, click on the media tab, select the March 2016 link and then click “listen” under the title, Trust Jesus: He Is The One.

Here’s a great question that everyone should think about:  Is your prison shaking your trust in the Lord or is your trust in the Lord shaking your prison?” – Minister Kelvin Kelley

Please listen to the message to help you answer that question. Your actions may give you a surprising answer. I’m not exempt. I’m . . .

Just blogging it out . . .Oh and HAPPY MONDAY NIGHT!! 😀

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