Spoonage Is Essential

Well, the end of our two week vacation is drawing nigh quickly and everything will be back to normal on Monday which isn’t a bad thing at all. But vacations are great, huh? We enjoyed our vacation in the outback with our German Shepherd, Scout and we also completed a few projects around the house. I think one of our favorite parts about this vacation is the carefree feeling that we haven’t experienced in a long time.

Antoine and I have conversations about our marriage all the time. We check-in with each other to make sure out needs are being met. You know what? We realized we have been missing out on something vital in our marriage. It’s actually been weighing on me for the last week. To be honest, we’ve ignored this problem for about five years now. I decided it was time to share this information with hopes that it will help someone else. Here goes.

Since our den is on the smaller side, we purchased a sofa that is too small for spooning. Yup, for five years our spooning has been limited to the bedroom only. Yes, we cuddled on that small sofa as much as we could, but it was never enough. Today, we decided to buy a sectional that has allowed us to achieve full spoonage beyond the bedroom. After all these years, we thought our den was too small for a sectional. Thank God we were wrong.

Married couples, I encourage you to evaluate your sofa’s spoon-ability. Don’t limit your spooning to the bedroom like we did. Every couple should achieve full spoonage outside of the bedroom. I’m being silly. 😀

Seriously, it is important to take time to focus on each other. If you can’t take two weeks, take as much time as you can. No amount of time is too small. A five minute conversation that’s focused on your spouse can make a huge difference. All right, I gotta get back to spooning with Antoine.

Just blogging it out . . . Oh and HAPPY THURSDAY NIGHT!!

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