Part Deux-What If Divorce Was Not An Option?

Today we experienced a tragic event that took both my husband and me by surprise. As always, we will continue to focus on the Lord and keep moving forward.

Yesterday I posted a short rant called, What If Divorce Was Not an Option, but I didn’t really make a point. So here’s part deux . . .

Marriage is definitely not for the squeamish and even strong people have challenges. If you start off thinking that you have an out, you’re starting off on the wrong foot. Have you ever taken one of those mandatory personality surveys for a job where you’re supposed to choose the best answer out of four choices that aren’t really good choices at first glance? Even though it takes longer, you read the choices over and over again until you finally realize that you actually have something in common with one of them. And then there are surveys that gives you four choices plus “other”. If after reading the four choices we’re not able to relate, we quickly choose other without rereading the four choices. The latter example gives you an out so that you won’t have to think about the other choices.

Okay, here’s my point:  If divorce was no longer an option (other):

  • Single people, would you settle for someone that you’re hoping will change later?
  • Married/Separated people, would you take more time to get to the root of your problems?
  • Divorcees, would you consider the fact that you were part of the reason your first marriage didn’t work out? Perhaps, take time to deal with yourself before marrying again.

Marriage takes a whole lot of effort, self awareness, and JESUS. As I said in my post yesterday, my marriage isn’t perfect, but our desire is to honor God with our relationship. I’m not passing judgement or any other negative thing you can think of.

I’m just blogging it out . . .Oh and HAPPY TUESDAY! 😀


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